PowerApps Dynamic Navigation Tutorial – Part 1

Canvas PowerApps Navigation As app makers create more complex PowerApps, the need to navigate a user across the various screens in the app becomes a necessity. A lot can be taken from the web design world in how we can provide this experience. Two common patterns that we can take

Power BI

Benefits of Variables in Power BI

Variables in Power BI can be a very powerful way to enhance your DAX expressions and expand the possibilities of what DAX can do. Before Power BI supported variables, needing to use CALCULATE and the EARLIER function were cumbersome and created difficulties for data modelers. Today, those difficulties can be

How To

How To: Implement Conditional Navigation in Power BI

The pagination options in Power BI are a great way to break your Power BI reports down into manageable bites. Adding more pages can give a designer more real estate to work with and more ways to break down data. On the flip side, too many pages makes the Pages

Business Process

4 Easy Ways to Get Started With PowerApps

PowerApp applications are a blank canvas that can be used to accommodate almost any business use case. Featuring deep integration into the rest of the Office 365 suite and the Power Platform, PowerApps are a great tool in the intelligent enterprise’s arsenal. Whether the PowerApp is a canvas app or

Power BI

Power BI Pro vs. Premium

Along with the free license, Power BI offers different licensing options but Pro and Premium are the two main licenses. Which license you need largely depends on the audience that you need to present your data to. Power BI Premium is heavily geared towards those looking to present a dedicated

Power BI

Date Tables in Power BI

For many entry level Power BI developers, using the built in date table in Power BI will work fine. Behind the scenes Power BI auto creates a date table based on the date values in your data. However, many experienced Power BI developers want more control over their date tables

How To

How to Add a Power BI Bookmark

Bookmarks in Power BI are a great way to create powerful reports and have a little more control over how the user interacts with your report. Essentially, creating a bookmark captures the Power BI report in exactly the configuration and layout that it was when the bookmark was added. Once


Office 365 Excel – Sheet View Feature

Fighting Over the Excel Filter A new feature that we’ve started to heavily use here at Kumo Partners is the Sheet View feature in Excel. This appeared to us at the perfect time as we utilize excel files embedded in Teams to track various types of tasks. As we use

How To

How To: Enable Preview Features in Power BI

Power BI releases new updates frequently, and sometimes those updates are only available as a preview feature. In other words, the feature is not ready for complete release but it will work in most situations. This blog post will detail how top check for and enable preview features in Power

Data Matrix Visualization - Image sourced from Microsoft
Power BI

Table vs. Matrix Visualizations in Power BI

At first glance the Table and Matrix visualizations in Power BI look similar. Both display data in a table format that reminds the user of Excel. However, understanding the difference between the Table and Matrix visualizations in Power BI is important to displaying data efficiently. The basic difference is that


Use Flow to Automatically Refresh a Power BI Dataset

Power BI’s existing data refresh schedules are limited and remembering to manually trigger a Power BI refresh can be difficult. One of the benefits of Power BI is receiving real time data, and Microsoft took steps to enhance this benefit by adding an action in Flow to automatically trigger a

Office 365

Multi-Line Field History Log in PowerApps

Introduction Hello and welcome to the first in the PowerApps Tips & Tricks Series! We have been working with PowerApps since the initial Beta Release in 2016 and have seen a lot of good and bad practices that have come about as the platform has grown. In this series, we plan

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How To: Use Flow to move SharePoint Pages Between Sites

One of the biggest oversights in modern SharePoint is the inability to transfer files or pages between site collections within the platform itself. Thankfully, there is a workaround that incorporates Microsoft Flow and allows power users the ability to copy files between site collections simply by pressing a button. This

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How To: Use Microsoft Flow to Log Work Hours

Logging your work hours is always a good idea, no matter if you work for yourself or for an employer. It allows you to have a record of your time, in case there is a discrepancy later on or other issue. By utilizing Microsoft Flow and its ability to trigger

Microsoft Flow

What is the Power Platform?

Microsoft is continuously releasing solutions and updates to existing products, that can make staying on top of the tools that are available through the O365 platform a difficult endeavor. One of the most widely marketed solutions that Microsoft has been trumpeting is called the Power Platform and is made up


What is PowerApps?

PowerApps at its heart, is a Platform as a Service, that allows end users to create business ready applications that run on any device. Essentially, PowerApps provides the end user with a blank canvas that provides an easy-to-use drag and drop interface to add different controls (i.e. buttons, text), media

Office 365

What is the Office Graph?

The Office Graph is the unifying link behind Office 365 services, it learns how you work and who you interact with and suggests content to you based off of that knowledge. The Office Graph continuously collects and analyzes you and your colleagues behaviors as you are working within Office 365.

Power BI

What is Power BI?

Microsoft’s Power BI is a cloud based business-analytics and intelligence software, that allows end users to create visually appealing and dynamic reports on top of existing data sets. Power BI’s deep integration with the rest of the O365 suite make it a really powerful tool for users that are already

Office 365

What is an Office 365 Group?

Office 365 groups give administrators a method to centralize governance and permissions across multiple Microsoft products, and apply policies at a team level rather than product level. Creating this centralized space gives users a common set of resources that they can share across their Office 365 tenant. Most Office 365

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