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Frameworks to Accelerate Adoption & Enable Teams to Succeed

Adopting tools & services at scale across your organization can take time to get right. Here at Kumo we have a long history of partnering with organizations to create strategies that help their users realize and utilize the full potential of Office 365 & the Power Platform via COE Kit & Governance reports.

Governance as a Framework

Large organizations face complexities in enabling team growth and business development while aligning with company goals. On one side, the business must have tools and services that allow them to innovate and work efficiently, while on the other, IT needs to ensure that these tools will not expose the organization to additional risk. At Kumo, we help implement community-driven collaboration and automation to foster employee communication and adoption.

Power Platform Center of Excellence (COE) Advisory

Power Platform spans Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365, making it the perfect tool to enable cross-platform efficiencies for all types of users and business needs. 

For organizations looking to get more insight into how their users are adopting Power Platform, establishing a COE can provide many benefits such as resource optimization, cost control, and ensuring data security and compliance. We utilize the COE Kit provided by Microsoft as a framework to build off of, allowing organizations to implement the controls specific to them while not re-creating the wheel.

Modern SharePoint Administration & Security

SharePoint is a well-established tool in the toolkit for managing team related content and communications. It also has a history of sprawl in situations where there is no site management strategy in place.

We help organizations evaluate their existing Site topology and provide strategy and recommendations for how to properly manage permissions. We also provide reports and guidance on external document sharing and review integrations with other parts of the Office 365 suite.

Office 365 Architecture & Licensing Recommendations

Underlying these platforms is the Office 365 ecosystem that enables all of these tools to integrate with each other. With so many new features and updates getting released constantly, it can be hard for users to keep up, and it’s even harder for organizations to keep up with what’s the best practice for managing those features.

We have worked extensively with organizations of all sizes to better understand how they are using Office 365 and strategize on ways for them to get further value out of the features they are already paying for. We offer governance reports that look at what services are being used and providing recommendations for how to optimize licensing.

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