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Bring Innovation to Where it's Needed Most

At our core, we prioritize engaging with our partners however is necessary to make us successful in helping them reach their goals. Depending on the need, Kumo provides many different types of on-site workshops to help drive in-depth discussions, deeper analysis, and hands-on training to ensure all aspects of what we deliver is aligned to what will provide you the most value.

Driving Deeper Discussions, Analysis, and Training

Our collaborative strategy utilizing Microsoft 365 will offer you and your team a suite of tools that will improve teamwork and productivity. By strategically integrating tools such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, and Viva Connections, teams can work together more efficiently, share knowledge and resources, and make data-driven decisions. These tools can be used to centralize document management, enhance communication, automate workflows, and provide a personalized employee experience. By leveraging these tools, organizations can implement a collaborative strategy that drives success.

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The Value of On-Site Workshops

Accelerated Knowledge Sharing

With our Agile methodology at the core, our on-site workshops create an immersive environment where your teams can share knowledge, ideas, and insight. By diving deep into your organization's pain points and goals, we ensure a holistic understanding of your unique challenges. Whether we are doing a discovery or a training session, we ensure that everyone will walk away with more understanding and excitement for what is possible.

Co-Creation and Customized Solutions

We believe in the power of co-creation. Our on-site workshops empower your teams to actively participate in the problem-solving process, enabling them to contribute their expertise and insights. By leveraging our consultants' industry knowledge and facilitation skills, we guide your teams through interactive sessions designed to generate innovative ideas and tailored solutions.

Strengthened Partnerships

At Kumo, we look to build long lasting partnerships with our clients and value opportunities to strengthen those relationships. Our on-site workshops offer a valuable opportunity for your teams to interact face-to-face with industry experts, thought leaders, and fellow professionals. These strengthened relationships foster a supportive environment where ideas and feedback can flow freely and without ill-intent.

Experience the transformative power of our on-site workshops and unlock the full potential of collaboration within your organization. Contact us today to learn more about how we can empower your teams to achieve exceptional results.

Types of Workshops

Our On-Site Workshops can be tailored to whatever situation that provides the most value to you. Examples of how we have worked with clients in the past:

  1. On-Site Discovery / Envisioning Sessions
  2. COE / Governance Workshops
  3. Power Platform Beginner – Advanced Workshops
  4. Tailored Training Sessions

Reach out to us today to see how we can work with your organization to accelerate your business forward where it’s needed most.

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