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Meet the Kumo Team, a dedicated group of creative problem solvers with a passion for Microsoft technologies and Power Platform.

Founded in Chicago by three long-time Microsoft consultants, Kumo Partners is based on the idea of building innovative solutions on the Power Platform. We believe that an agile IT team, working quickly to develop process-based solutions with O365 and the Power Platform, will respond more effectively to the IT needs of an organization as opposed to traditional development. We all have proven expertise delivering custom solutions, and bring a unique perspective on how to provide the most value to our clients, every single time.

Meet The Partners:


Jon Iskow

Partner – Sales & Finance


Ethan Jamrose

Partner – Alliances & Products

Storm Anderson

Partner – Operations & Delivery

Our Story

In early 2020, three long-time friends and Chicago Microsoft consultants came together to build a firm that would solve a clear, actionable gap in the market. As it stands, 80% of companies that use Microsoft products are only using, at maximum, 20% of their licensing capabilities. This means that a majority of businesses whose day-to-day operations hinge on their Microsoft suite are barely scratching the surface of their platform’s potential. This problem can often look like competing and disparate systems, resourcing spent managing manual processes, disconnected data, and a substantial loss of revenue in the long run.

Kumo’s primary product– the Microsoft Power Platform– not only solves these pain points but is in extremely high demand. With the market poised for disruption, the three friends formed Kumo Partners. The agile, forward-thinking team was determined to provide their clients with the innovation and automation that they knew was achievable. The company also sets itself apart by providing more value than a traditional consulting service. Kumo Partners integrates with their clients, translates the industry lingo, and leads these businesses forward as advisors.

With so much potential for strategic creativity and automation on the horizon, Kumo Partners is proud to be leading the charge, and providing a path for enterprises to scale successfuly through Power Platform innovation. 

Kumo's Timeline


KUMO Partners meet freshman year at IU Kelly School of Business and Luddy School of Informatics, Computing & Engineering


By chance, all three partners accept offers at the same Microsoft Gold Partner Consulting Firm, catered towards Sharepoint consulting.


While working at the Microsoft Firm, partners receive responsibilities to prove out the capabilities of Power Apps Alpha Release with Fortune 500 companies.


By 2018, the partners were actively architecting and leading Power Platform and Office 365 rollouts at other Fortune 100 companies. 


At the beginning of 2020, partners meet for lunch, discussing the value and expertise they could bring to the market. They land on “KUMO Partners”.

July 2020

KUMO Partners is officially launched!

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