Case Study: engineering Firms

Engineering Firm – Modern Intranet via SharePoint​

A centralized company portal to disseminate information and work together collaboratively. 


How can we help an organization disseminate content effectively and provide a central location for employee resources?

The HR and Communications teams of a mid size engineering firm had no way to disseminate information to employees, causing confusion and a lack of understanding where employees should go to get their questions answered. 

Pain Points

Lack of a corporate communication channel forced HR to send emails every time news needed to be communicated

Previous intranets weren’t user friendly and had a dated look and feel that prohibited users building up consistency

Our Solution

Seamless integration with Power BI and Power Automate

Utilizing SharePoint to create a visually pleasing and modern aesthetic, we were able to create a user friendly company portal. 

Information is presented in an appealing manner that allows HR to control communications while still empowering employees to get the information they need quickly. Everything from staff directories to COVID-19 resources, is built on top of an information architecture that allows us to surface information where and when its needed. 

Taking advantage of SharePoint’s native functionality and utilizing PowerApps to enhance it, can create a powerful corporate communication tool. A single source of information and communication for employees in this case, allowed HR to save countless hours a week in questions that were coming in individually over email. 

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Employee Portal

A centralized location for employees to locate resources and receive important information.

Corporate Communications

Easy to use news article creation and publishing tools, to get information out quickly!

Process Centralization

A centralized location to host organizational business process content and data.