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Industry experience speaks louder than words. It's time to bring transformation and innovation to your company for bigger results.

Customized Solutions for Every Industry

Kumo Partners understands the importance of industry knowledge. It’s a critical part of how we deliver lasting value to our clients. Whether you are a small to mid-size company or industry leader, we can bring you the industry knowledge and experience that you are looking for. 

power platform improves shop floor productivity


Empower first-line workers with manufacturing solutions that digitize manual processes, help workers upskill efficiently, and provide critical safety and risk management information at the point of need with Kumo's customized offerings. 

Fendi storefront


Connect your customers, your people, and your data. Reimagine retail and deliver seamless experiences across the end-to-end shopper journey with Kumo's customized retail solutions.

More Industries Served:

Real Estate

Real Estate is a data-driven, fast-paced field that demands data tailored around your needs. We help agents manage their listings, teams and financial data by providing live company performance dashboards and custom applications to track listings from acquisition to sale.

Logistics and Transporation

Logistics firms are constantly on the move. Drivers and freight has to get from location to location, and streamlining that process means more profit. Our goal is to make getting from point A to point B as cost effective and streamlined as possible by automating manual processes.

Professional Services

Professional services firms face the unique hurdle of helping clients across industries. We aim to strengthen client relationships, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs for professional services firms by leveraging our industry expertise and unique insight.


The engineering industry has no shortage of content. From schematics to reports to specifications, we aim to provide the most efficient ways of storing, producing, and surfacing content where it's needed. Put your content at your fingertips!


Law firms maintain and process a tremendous amount of data. Between witness statements, court documents, and information on billable time many law firms struggle to stay on top of their data let alone gain insights from it. We aim to put that data to work for you.

Luxury Brands

Maintaining a luxury brand is all about a competitive advantage. Our automated workflows and social media monitoring tools can help any brand maintain a competitive advantage and stay on top of the market. Get alerts when potential problems arise online!