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We help companies trade manual tasks for workflow automation and simplify business processes with the help of intelligent AI solutions.

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Our Automated & AI-Driven workflows help organizations reduce operational costs, save valuable time, and gain a competitive edge in their industry. Free your team from repetitive, time-consuming tasks, and reduce costly manual errors by leveraging our expertise to streamline end-to-end processes in your organization. 

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We use Power Platform AI Builder to build innovative solutions that capture, transform, and process data from any documents to fit your needs. We understand how to use AI to classify documents, then processes their data with pattern recognition technology. After the document is processed, we can extract meaningful data and assembles it into an accessible format for your organization.

  • Finance departments can automate accounts payable functions such as processing invoices.
  • Human resources departments can process resumes, screen employees, and process employee surveys and other HR data with IDP.
  • Government agencies manage permits, issue e-documents, and process applications with intelligent document-processing software.
  • Insurance companies use automated document processing to process claims, detect fraud, triage insurance policies, and expedite your organization’s document processing.
  • Law firms can process, archive, and manage legal data with higher accuracy than manual document processing using IDP.

We can automate data synchronization and backup processes between different systems and cloud services in your organization. For example, we can sync data between on-premises databases and cloud storage, backup SharePoint libraries to OneDrive or other backup services, or replicate production data in development of QA environments.

    We can automate any content or document approval process your teams rely on for day-to-day operations like approval workflows for documents, presentations, and other content types, which allow reviewers to provide feedback, make changes, and approve or reject the content.

      We bring significant value to our clients by leveraging Power Automate Virtual Agents to automate and streamline various customer service and support processes. Our Virtual Agent & Chatbot solutions ensure that your organization will stay ahead of the curve, gain a competitive edge, and strengthen their relationship with customers.

      We can streamline your organization's sales processes by automating lead generation, qualification, and management. Our automated sales management solutions can integrate with any of your existing CRM systems to automate lead capture, assign leads to sales representatives, track interactions, and send notifications or reminders for follow-ups.

        We leverage the robust capabilities of Microsoft's Power Platform to build expense approval and reimbursement solutions that streamline expense management, integrate with existing systems, provide mobile accessibility, and offer real-time visibility to enhance the overall experience for your employees.


        • Streamlined Expense Management: We create user-friendly and intuitive expense approval applications with Power Apps so that your employees can submit expense requests quickly and easily, while enabling  managers to review and approve or reject them efficiently.

        • Faster Approval Processes: By automating approval workflows with Power Automate, our solutions significantly reduce the time it takes for expense requests to be processed. Automated notifications and reminders ensure that pending approvals are not overlooked, expediting the reimbursement cycle.

        • Mobile Accessibility: Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices, allowing your employees to submit expense requests on-the-go. Managers can also review and approve expenses from their mobile devices, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.

        • Integration with Existing Systems: Our Power Platform solutions can integrate with any data source, such as your financial systems and databases, to pull in relevant information needed to validate expense requests. Our integration capabilities streamline data entry and reduce errors while ensuring accurate reimbursement processing for your organization.

        • Real-Time Visibility: We leverage Power BI, integrated with our Power Platform solutions to offer our clients real-time insights into expense data and trends. Our dashboards and reports provide a clear overview of expenses, helping management make informed decisions and identify areas for cost optimization.

        • Cost Savings: Trusting us to automate expense approval process will lead to cost savings for your organization. Our solutions reduce manual paperwork, minimize errors, and improve the efficiency of the reimbursement cycle. Additionally, the increased visibility into expenses can help identify potential cost-saving opportunities for your business.

        • Compliance and Audit Trail: Our Power Platform solutions maintain a detailed audit trail of all expense-related activities, ensuring compliance with your internal policies and external regulations. This feature provides significant value, transparency, and accountability for expense approvals.

        • Enhanced Employee Experience: We guarantee that our streamlined and efficient expense approval solutions will lead to a positive employee experience across your organization.  Simplified expense submissions, faster approvals, and timely reimbursements contribute to higher employee satisfaction and engagement.

        Our innovative solutions streamline customer support processes by automating ticket creation, assignment, and resolution. We can integrate with any of your existing help desk systems to capture customer inquiries, assign them to support agents, send notifications for ticket updates, and escalate issues as needed.

          We can assist in your project management initiatives by automating workloads like task assignment and email notifications. Our solutions can integrate with any of your existing project management tools to automate project updates, generate status reports, and trigger actions based on project milestones

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