Simplify and Optimize Your Power Platform Licenses

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What do you get with our license administration?

Assessment & Proof-Of-Concept

Cost Optimization

Optimize costs with a clear explanation of your license usage, identifying unused or underutilized licenses, and recommending adjustments to align with actual needs. This ensures that clients only pay for the licenses they require, resulting in cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

Improve & Support Existing Applications

Centralized License Management

Receive a centralized platform to manage and track all their Power Platform licenses. This streamlines the license allocation process, simplifies license tracking, and enables easy license reassignment or removal, saving time and effort for the client's IT and procurement teams.

Expert Advice & Recommendations

Expert Licensing Knowledge

We help clients maximize the value of their Power Platform licenses by providing insights and recommendations on how to fully utilize the available features and capabilities. This ensures that clients leverage the full potential of the Power Platform, empowering them to drive innovation, improve productivity, and achieve their business goals.

Maximize the value of your microsoft licenses

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft licenses to maximize value and drive productivity within your organization. Our comprehensive solutions streamline license management, providing centralized tracking, allocation, and renewal processes that boost efficiency. Leverage a wide range of features and tools to enhance collaboration and empower your teams to achieve more. 

How do we maximize value?

Non Essential Licenses

By deep diving into your organization, we can identify areas where you may have licenses that are not essential for your business operations. Our expertise allows us to analyze your workflows and processes, pinpointing specific areas where license optimization can lead to cost savings without compromising productivity. Through this analysis, we can provide tailored recommendations on license consolidation or alternative licensing options, helping you optimize your license portfolio and reduce unnecessary expenses.

User Activity Analysis

Conduct a comprehensive user activity analysis to identify users who have low or no engagement with Office 365 applications. By examining usage patterns, login frequency, and application utilization, we can pinpoint users who may not require full Office 365 licenses. This allows for potential license downgrades or reassignment to more cost-effective licensing options, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently.

License Utilization Monitoring

Implement a system for ongoing license utilization monitoring, which tracks usage patterns and provides insights into license utilization trends. This proactive approach allows us to identify any significant changes in license usage over time and take necessary actions. By regularly reviewing license utilization data, we can ensure that licenses are adjusted or reallocated based on actual usage, reducing the risk of unnecessary license costs.

Departmental Needs Assessment

Perform a thorough assessment of departmental requirements and workflows within your organization. By understanding the specific needs of each department, we can identify areas where certain Office 365 licenses may be underutilized or unnecessary. This assessment enables us to recommend license adjustments, such as transitioning users to more suitable licensing plans or exploring specialized licensing options that align with departmental needs, optimizing licensing costs while still meeting functional requirements.

Experience An Average Of 17% Reduction In Total License Costs

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