Reimagine your operations: Solutions for success

Are your operational inefficiencies holding you back? We can help you re-imagine the way you work and adopt automation in a way that works for your organization. We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations across multiple industries to help them achieve significant value and ROI with our innovative solutions.

Innovation as a Framework

Above all we pride ourselves as problem solvers and do not hesitate to “jump into the deep end” with our clients. Subsequently, we are able to build a strong understanding of what you are trying to achieve, and what pain points you’ve faced. Once we understand the real goal at hand, we quickly prototype and incrementally work towards the solution best for you.

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Transform Business Processes With Our Power Platform & Dynamics Solutions

Ad-hoc tools can be helpful in the short-term, but they can also lead to solutions that are limited by the tool. Kumo Partners can help you find the right tool for the job and ensure that your process is providing as much value as possible. We have helped hundreds of organizations across multiple industries, and we can help you too. There are some common transformations that we guide users through when it comes to helping them re-imagine their way of doing things:

Transform Paper and Excel Based Processes to Cloud based Solutions

We have helped organizations translate hundreds of different paper / excel based process into cloud-based solutions. Subsequently this allows them to get rid of the filing cabinets and get control of processes that before could not be reported on.

Architect Critical Business Systems tailored to your Operations

As organizations grow, managing more systems creates complexity in account handling and navigation, causing inefficiencies. Despite SSO adoption, time-consuming and error-prone system-switching remains. We address this with a Power Platform roadmap, unifying systems for streamlined work via a single interface.

Implement Easy Access Portals for External User Data Management

Coordinating data with internal and external users is challenging, often relying on emails for communication and requiring extensive translation between systems. Our Power Pages solution offers swift deployment of secure website portals for external users to submit and update data in your Dataverse database, streamlining operations and reducing deployment time.

Design Automated Reporting and Analytics to drive more Impactful Decision Making

Manual processes' accuracy relies on the effort invested in documenting them, often limiting insight into time and statistical relevance. Shifting to the cloud enables real-time analytics, introducing unfamiliar data perspectives. Kumo specializes in crafting tailored reports and dashboards for internal and external datasets, unlocking previously inaccessible insights.

More Operations Innovation Initiatives

Examples of Past Processes:
  • Administrative Form Document Automation
    • Invoices
    • Purchase/Sales Orders
    • HR Documents
  • Automated Approval / Authorization Procedures
    • Capture signatures via phone/tablet.
    • Multi-stage approval processes (Hiring/CapEx).
    • Email & Teams-based Adaptive Cards.
  • Enhanced Workflow Functionality
    • Generate dynamic PPT decks based on data.
    • Custom form interfaces for handling permissions / complex business logic.
    • Automated Alerts based on new / existing data.
Framework for Designing a Centralized Application Portal
  1.  we work to start from a 30,000-foot view and take a tailored approach to identifying what type of solution is going to provide the most value for your organization.
  2. We start by categorizing what are the systems critical to business operations and where are the gaps that are either being under-served or limited.
  3. Next, we take into account Power Platform's powerful integration capabilities to design an architecture that can bridge the gap between your disparate systems.
  4. With an architecture in place, we then work with you to conceptualize how users will interact with that data through UIs and what workflows can be created to facilitate communication, reporting, etc.

As a result, we are able to develop solutions that help maximize the value of existing systems and provide an application framework for streamlining other processes.

    Examples of Past Processes:

    1. Vendor Portal
      1. Onboarding
      2. Document Management
    2. Customer Support Portal
      1. Support Tickets
      2. FAQ Guides
    3. Partner Portal
      1. Referral Tracking
      2. Job Coordination
      Past Analytics Use-Cases:
      1. Operational Reports
        1. Batch Jobs
        2. Scheduling / Trends
        3. Performance Dashboards
        4. CRM (Leads, Opportunities, Goals)
      2. Executive Reports
        1. Organizational KPIs
        2. Forecasting
        3. Financials (P&L, Cash Flow, Vendor)
      3. Data Architecture
        1. Data Warehousing
        2. Azure / Dataverse 

        What Challenges are You Facing?

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