Case Study: Manufacturing

Boat Parts Manufacturer uses Power Platform to modernize an outdated inspection process

A modern and automated Power Platform solution for clear reporting, automated tracking, and integrated analytics. 

Business Situation

Overcoming Operational Obstacles: Boateka's Inspection Challenges

Boateka, a prominent maritime logistics firm, faced operational hurdles due to their outdated inspection procedures and technology. With no reliable way to track progress or inspect status, they faced issues stemming from unstructured data and manual data entry inefficiencies. Additionally, they lacked visibility into inspection outcomes, hindering their decision-making capabilities. Seeking a solution, Boateka turned to Kumo Partners to help them modernize their processes using the Power Platform, thus setting a course for improved efficiency and clarity in their operations.

Key Challenges

Limited Tracking: Client had no way to track their progress or status of active their inspections

Inefficiencies: Unstructured data leading to confusion and multiple versions of the same inspection. No source of truth

Lack of Real-Time Insights: Lack of visibility into outcome of each inspection. No reporting capabilities

Manual Processes:Manual data entry and time-tracking

Business Solution

Kumo Partners implemented Power Platform applications to improve efficiency and outputs

Kumo Partners proposed and implemented a holistic Power Platform solution, intricately designed and tailored for their luxury client’s unique needs.


Manual and Outdated Apps, Tools, Processes

Boateka Before


Modern and Automated Solution

Boateka After

Business Results

Boat Inspection PowerApp

  • Full visibility of status, progress, and outcome for each inspection. Ability to search / sort / filter inspections.
  • Structured and integrated data in a single location, removing manual data entry errors.
  • Automated time tracking and notification workflows, saving time and driving accountability.
  • Reporting and Analytics capabilities leading to improved productivity and reduced operational cost.

The Business Impact of Power Platform:

74% Reduction in application development costs

6 months payback period on original investment

>132K worker hours saved from streamlined & automated activities

>188% ROI after 3 years

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