Case Study: Manufacturing

Test Kit Manufacturer Optimizes Order Management & Supply Chain Process with Power Platform​

A fully integrated order management & supply chain solution that serves as a one-stop-shop to manage orders from practices and providers nationwide.​

Business Situation

Overcoming Operational Obstacles: Fragmented Operations & Manual Errors

A leading national test kit manufacturer faced challenges with managing extensive orders, shipping details, and reporting processes. The company manufactures test kits, and receives orders for those test kits from providers & practices all over the country. Their operations were fragmented, leading to inefficiencies and manual errors.

Key Challenges

Inefficient order management across the nation

Inadequate tracking of shipping and financial data

Manual data entry errors from emailed and manually documented PDF’s

Lack of consolidated reporting and forecasting tools

Business Solutions

Kumo Partners implemented Power Platform applications to improve efficiency and outputs

Kumo Partners implemented a comprehensive Power Platform solution that has set the company on a path of sustainable growth and efficiency, enabling them to maintain their status as a top service provider in the test kit manufacturing sector.

Solution #1:

Unified Order Management Application - PowerApps​

The application serves as a one-stop-shop for the company to manage orders from practices and providers countrywide. This includes order initiation, processing, and final dispatch.

Solution #2:

Provider & Practice Portal – Power Pages​

A dedicated portal for providers and practices to place and track orders with role-based access to ensure secure data access and provider practice hierarchy.

Solution #3:

Automated Data Extraction From PDFs AI Builder

No more manual data entry! Our application automatically extracts data from emailed PDFs using Power Platform AI Builder and feeds it into the order database in Dataverse​.

Solution #4:

Integration with External Services​ Power Automate​

Shipping – UPS & USPS: Integration with UPS & USPS ensures that the company can track every package, providing transparency to their clients​

Finance – Quickbooks Online: The application seamlessly connects with Quickbooks Online, giving them instant insights into their financial metrics.​

Solution #5:

Real-Time Analytics & Forecasting PowerBI

Forecasting: Predictive analytics on the dashboard helps the company prepare for future demands.

Business Results

With the new system in place, the company has witnessed a significant boost in operational efficiency. They can now manage orders, view crucial data, and track shipments effortlessly. The automated data entry has slashed manual errors, and the Power BI dashboard keeps them informed and proactive. The entire organization now functions in a more streamlined and data-driven manner, ensuring they continue to deliver top-notch service to their clients.​

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