This is part 1 in a series of videos that build on top of each other related to tracking requests. Make sure to Check out Part 2 PowerApps Tutorial: Request Tracker – Comment History to follow along!

One of the strengths of PowerApps is that it’s a blank slate to build whatever the developer’s heart desires. This can mean that as applications become more and more complex, it’s functionality becomes more complex as well. Rather than creating a new page for each new piece of functionality that is needed, sometimes a dialog modal form in PowerApps is the most user friendly way to go.

Check out the YouTube video we’ve created to help walk users through how to create a dialog modal form in PowerApps. It takes you through how to:

  • Cover the existing page in a semi-transparent black background
  • Build a modal in front of that background
  • Create a form within the modal
  • Add “Submit”, “Exit”, and “Cancel” buttons to the modal form.

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