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At Kumo, we’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve, which is why we’ve taken the time to craft a distinctive brand and set up a memorable digital presence to stand out. In the world of tech, having a sleek, user-friendly website is vital for establishing your business’s credibility, visibility, and conversion potential. 

As a recognized leader in Power Platform innovation and modernization, we have made it a habit to consistently test and implement new ideas, and knew it was time to do the same for our website. After nearly a year of meticulous planning, designing, and development, we are thrilled to introduce our reimagined brand and website!

Step One: A Purposeful and Authentic Rebranding

In today’s fast-paced digital world, first impressions matter more than ever, particularly in the field of business innovation. As we began the journey to create our new website, we recognized the importance of refreshing our brand identity before diving into the technical aspects of the site itself.

We wanted our new visual identity to encompass our company’s core values, personality, as well as the design pieces that make up our recognizable brand, such as our colors, videos, fonts, icons, photography, and key messaging. This rebranding was meant to not only strengthen our brand recognition, but also to resonate with our target clientele as well as potential partnerships, Kumo Innovation students, and Microsoft collaborators.

So, before we began crafting the digital experience, we revisited our brand identity.

Defining Kumo Partners’ Brand Essence

Our new brand had to encapsulate what it means to be part of Kumo. This included showcasing our brand’s personality and spotlighting our solutions, our case studies, our happy clients, and our remarkable culture through an array of photographs and videos. We also emphasized our values, and utilized our hues of recognizable blues to capture the dynamic nature of Kumo Partners and clean, uncluttered spaces to emphasize the most crucial elements of our brand. 

Regardless of our design choices or the structure of our website, our primary focus remained on highlighting our solutions, our distinctive personality, and our exceptional brand. With these elements firmly in place, we set out to create our website.

Step Two: Website Redesign

Enhancing User Experience

Our previous website aligned with the slogan “Empowering Your Business for the Digital Age” and sported an iconographic aesthetic that reflected the techy nature of our Power Platform services. While the previous design had its merits, it lacked the ability to easily explain what we do, tell our story, showcase our culture, or guide visitors effectively.

In our website overhaul, we made sure to:

  • Boldly highlight what sets us apart as a leader in Power Platform innovation and modernization, incorporating facts and visuals that showcase our modernity, diversity, expertise, and moreDelve into the array of services and industries we serve
  • Provide a clear and intuitive path for visitors to navigate the site: Learn about us, discover how we can empower your business, and easily get in touch.
  • Highlight our exceptional solutions, talent, and case studies through captivating images and sections across the site

We eliminated any potential confusion by offering an intuitive site map, ample white space, bold headings, and concise copy that delivers only the essential information visitors need to make informed decisions.

Enhancing Mobile Responsiveness

Recognizing the importance of catering to mobile users, we ensured that our website is not only mobile-friendly but also loads swiftly. After all, a delay in website loading is the quickest way to lose a potential client.

Embrace the Future with Us

After months of dedicated work behind the scenes and a front-end brand overhaul (kudos to ShineThru Branding), we are absolutely thrilled to unveil this modern revamp of Kumo Partners to the world! Please take some time to explore our new site, and if you’re inspired, share your thoughts with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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