One of the biggest oversights in modern SharePoint is the inability to transfer files or pages between site collections within the platform itself. Thankfully, there is a workaround that incorporates Microsoft Flow and allows power users the ability to copy files between site collections simply by pressing a button.

This Flow is a good tool to have in your collection, as once setup, it can be reused over and over simply by replacing the file to be copied as well as the destination URL. Another good use case is when a file or page needs to be copied across sites within an intranet on a timed basis ex: a regional corporate newsletter. Often in situations where you need to copy pages between sites, its beneficial to copy the page directly into the templates folder of the new site so it can be adjusted before publishing.

Setup the Flow

  1. Go to and select Flow from your list of available applications. 
  2. From the Flow portal, select “My Flows” and select “Instant – From Blank”.
  3. As the trigger, select “Manually trigger a Flow”.
  4. Add the step called “SharePoint – Copy File” and enter the information where the file currently resides and where it needs to go.
    1. Note: This step can be added as many times as necessary depending on how many sites the file needs to be copied to

Body of the Flow


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