There are situations in SharePoint where it’s better to not allow users to “Quick Edit” a list. For example, a use case where lists get updated via Power Automate and some fields are hidden from the input form it would be problematic to let users Quick Edit an item. In addition, the Quick Edit functionality can run slowly based on computer speed as well as available memory. This slowness can create confusion among end users as I’ve run into scenarios where users aren’t sure if their data got imported or not. This blog post will run through the options to disable quick edit in a SharePoint Online list:

Disable Quick Edit through the Browser

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint Online list that should not have “Quick Edit” enabled
  2. Select “List Settings”
  3. Click on “Advanced Settings”
  4. Scroll down until you see “Quick property editing” and make sure No is selected.

Make sure your changes are saved and you are all done!

Further Information

Disabling Quick Edit in a specific SharePoint list can also be done through PowerShell as well as JSOM. Those routes aren’t necessarily complicated at all but are certainly harder than the out of the box option. These routes can actually be easier if this setting needs to be applied to many lists. For example, in PowerShell all you need to do is connect to the SharePoint site you need and grab the necessary lists and then run this command:

$List.DisableGridEditing = $True

You can see how if there are many lists to apply this setting too, PowerShell would be a good option!

For more SharePoint blogs, check out our recent posts here. For more information on Quick Editing functionality check out Microsoft’s documentation here.


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