Case Study: Luxury brand retailer

Luxury Retailer Uses Power Platform to Modernize their Incident Reporting Process

A mobile-friendly Power Platform solution for one of the largest luxury retailer brands.

Business Situation

A Heavy Reliance on a Cumbersome Excel Process

A globally renowned luxury retail brand had a pressing challenge. Their incident reporting process, fundamental for maintaining store safety and customer service standards, relied heavily on Excel. While Excel is a versatile tool, when it comes to complex, multi-step processes like incident reporting in a dynamic retail environment, it posed several challenges.

Key Challenges

Scalability Issues: As Fendi expanded, the Excel-based process became cumbersome, failing to scale with the company’s growth

Inefficiencies: In-store incidents were being reported via text messaging, emails, and other disconnected mediums. Manual data entry led to errors, and consolidating data across stores was time-consuming. 

Lack of Real-Time Insights: With data spread across different sheets, real-time analysis was nearly impossible, delaying responses to critical incidents.

No Mobile Solution: Store workers couldn’t update the incident reports on-the-go, causing lags and potential inaccuracies.

Business Solution

Fendi approached Kumo Partners to help them leap into the modern age with a comprehensive Power Platform solution

Kumo Partners proposed and implemented a holistic Power Platform solution, intricately designed with four distinct components tailored for Fendi’s unique needs.

Store Worker Mobile Incident Reporting PowerApp

Incident Tracking Mobile

Store Worker Mobile Incident Reporting PowerApp

Report incidents directly from the shop floor using a mobile device.

The Mobile Incident Tracking PowerApp empowers store employees for quick, detailed reporting using mobile devices.

With images, location details, and descriptions at their fingertips, it enhances safety and customer service. 

Centralizing data for insights, it’s not just an app; it’s a retail game-changer. 

Office Worker Incident Tracking Administration & Management PowerApp

The administrative counterpart to the mobile store worker app. 

  • Designed for office staff, it streamlines the management of incidents reported by store workers. 
  • This efficient tool enables seamless tracking, categorization, and resolution of incidents, enhancing overall workplace safety and customer satisfaction. 
  • It’s not just an app; it’s a comprehensive incident management solution, allowing your office team to maintain a safer, more responsive retail environment. 
Power Automate Workflow To Generate PDF Report of Incident And Send Email To Administrative Team

Power Automate Workflow To Generate PDF Report of Incident And Send Email To Administrative Team

The Power Automate Workflow for incident reporting takes efficiency to the next level. 

  • When an incident is logged through our mobile app or web interface, this smart workflow instantly generates a detailed PDF report. 
  • The report includes vital incident information, allowing for swift review and action by your administrative team. 
  • Not stopping there, the workflow goes a step further by automatically sending this report to the administrative team via email, ensuring they stay in the loop and can act promptly. 

Executive Leadership Incident Report PowerBI Dashboard

Compiles and distills all incident reporting data into an interactive dashboard.

  • This dynamic report compiles and distills all incident reporting data into a user-friendly format. 
  • It provides a bird’s-eye view of product loss and recovery trends, enabling your executives to spot patterns, make strategic choices, and prioritize actions effectively. 
  • With this PowerBI report at their fingertips, your executive team gains actionable insights and oversight into incident management, contributing to better control, minimized losses, and optimized recovery processes.
Retail Executive Incident Tracking Product Loss/Recovery PowerBI Report​

Business Results

Return On Investment 43%

Over 7 hours per week saved per store

Automated alerts to store employees​

User-friendly applications

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