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Real Estate Listing Management

Listing Management made easy! Our intuitive solution is built on top of Office 365 and PowerApps, and gives real estate agents all the tools they need to do their jobs on a day to day basis. Real estate agents are able to:

  • Track listings in real time as they move from listing to sale. 
  • Centralize contacts from all sources into a single manageable location
  • Automate and stay on top of their tasks as well as their teams tasks.
  • Visualize agent performance over time through reports and KPIs
  • Stay up to date with team members while chatting through Microsoft Teams  
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Project Issue Log

Keep track of all the open issues on projects across the board! This canvas application allows users to keep track of open issues across projects and includes a running history of each issue. Highlights include: 

  • Add comments and track status change per issue
  • Gives each user a personalized view of their assigned tasks
  • Administrator capabilities to assign users to different project teams
  • Customizable and personalized notifications on changes in workflow status

Attorney Report Card

Interactive Power BI dashboard to view attorney performance over time as well as drive insights into the overall company performance. Explore a dataset through powerful data manipulation tools, giving users a customizable view of the data by attorney, client or project. 

  • Filter dataset by organizational metadata
  • View key KPIs and track individual progress over time
  • Drive insight into business data and inform the decision making process
  • Get a firm grasp of company performance 

Looking for Something More Tailored to your needs?

We’re always happy to discuss specific project needs and requests. Reach out to us at to learn more or to request a demo of any of our applications!  

Our Development Practices

Production Ready

Our apps are fully baked and ready to start solving your organizational needs. Just follow our simple installation guide and you'll be transforming your business processes in no time.

Modern & Intuitive

Our apps are built with a goal of simplicity for the end user. With years of design experience, we've crafted aesthetic AND functional applications that will be sure to wow your organization.

Mobile Friendly

Designed for a modern workforce, our apps are built with mobility in mind and are accessible whether you are on the go, or at your desk.