Your comprehensive Incident reporting solution

It’s time to modernize and automate you retail incident reporting with our comprehensive Power Platform solution! Your team will be able to report, manage, and analyze incidents across multiple locations, and departments, with Kumo Partners’ unique solution. 

Overcome Outdated Incident Reporting Challenges
with our Power Platform Solution

Setting up efficient incident management is crucial for retail success, yet so many retailers are still relying on Excel for their reporting, and face challenges like scalability issues, inefficiencies, and lack of real-time insights. That’s why we’ve created a groundbreaking solution using the Power Platform. Our comprehensive tool revolutionizes incident management, offering real-time insights, seamless scalability, and improved efficiency, helping retailers step confidently into the future.

Our Comprehensive Incident Reporting Solution

Mobile Incident Reporting

Empowering store workers to respond immediately to an incident as it happens

With our mobile incident reporting component, employees can use their mobile devices to report incidents directly from the shop floor. Intuitive UI ensures that even the least tech-savvy users can create incidents, track, and send incidents with ease. 

Automated Emails &
PDF Reporting

Automatic, streamlined incident management processing

As soon as an incident is logged, our Administrative PDF Reporting component will automatically create a detailed PDF report and email it to your administrative team. Each report contains all the vital details needed for a thorough review and prompt actions. 

Incident Tracking & Management PowerApp

A PowerApp that allows office staff to streamline the entire incident management process

Simplify incident management with our centralized platform, designed for office staff to monitor, manage, and resolve issues. This tool makes it easy to categorize, prioritize, and assign incidents, transforming workflows and boosting collaboration between store and office teams.

Executive Leadership Incident Report PowerBi Dashboard

Enables executives to make data
driven decisions

This dynamic reporting tool compiles and distills all incident reporting data into an interactive dashboard. The dashboard provides leadership with a bird’s eye view of all incidents across retail outlets, allowing leadership to make informed, strategic choices and prioritize actions efficiently. 

Ready to Turn Modernize your incident reporting process?

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