Microsoft Teams Workshop Helps A Small Business Get the Most Out of Their Internal Communications

A company of 30 was struggling with internal communications. The Kumo Innovation Team led a Microsoft Teams educational workshop that taught the company how to effectively utilize Teams to communicate across departments, leading to higher productivity and morale. 

Business Situation

How can our company of 30 use Microsoft Teams to more reliably communicate both internally and externally, and see a bigger return on business efforts at large?

Our client, an agile company of 30 employees came to us with a critical problem: their teams were not communicating effectively with each other, and their outputs were suffering due to it. This was leading to a number of costly problems, including duplication of effort, missed deadlines, and general misunderstandings.

After further investigation, we learned that they were trying to use Microsoft Teams for their internal messaging, but were not utilizing it to its fullest potential. They were at a lack of how to proceed, and came to us for guidance. 

Key Challenges

Lack of communication leading to duplications of effort 

Missed deadlines and KPI’s 

Cross-department misunderstandings and miscommunications 

Business Solution

Kumo Innovation Team led a Microsoft Teams educational workshop for all employees

The company decided to implement a training program for their implementing teams. The training program was designed to teach the teams how to use Microsoft Teams effectively. The program covered a variety of topics, including:

  • How to use the chat features effectively
  • How to manage documents and files
  • How to collaborate with other teams, both internal and external
  • How to use the advanced features of Microsoft Teams
  • Advanced Chat Features
  • Strategic Document Management
  • Strategic File Management
  • Task Delegation & Tracking
  • Comprehensive Start-Up Guide

This workshop was very helpful! ♥️ ♥️”

– HR Manager

“Learned a lot … great presentation too!” 

– HR Director

“Got a great glimpse into what Teams can really do! Thank you!”

-Team Member

Business Results

Increased cross-department colloboration

Fewer missed deadlines & miscommunications

2 hours of training created 5+ hrs/week of saved time

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