Better Timer



Timers are meant to be Simple

Ever Notice the Timer in PowerApps is pretty dull and not quite what you want? With such powerful capabilities, it makes you wonder if there could be a more intuitive option.

That’s where the Better Timer component comes in. Based on one of our initial requests for a more intuitive and user-friendly timer, our component creates a familiar look and feel with an experience you would expect offering two different variants that users can get started immediately using.

Stop Watch & Minimal Variants

We offer two variants for users to take advantage of, one being the classic stop watch style look and the other based on the more minimal material design specifications. Both are readily available to use right out of the box and can either be built on top of or integrated quickly into an existing process.

Install As Easy As 1-2-3!

All of our components rely on the component capabilities that PowerApps introduced at the beginning of 2019. This is currently an in-preview feature, however is very powerful for making PowerApps much more flexible in managing logic and objects. We have an installation guide readily available for any who are looking to install and use our components.


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