What is Microsoft’s Common Data Service (CDS)?

Microsoft’s Common Data Service (CDS) allows users to securely store and manage the data that is used by their business applications. Data is stored in what is referred to as an entity, and those entities can be populated with data internal to O365 or external to O365 through Power Query.

Microsoft Flow

What is Microsoft Flow?

What is Microsoft Flow? As Microsoft heavily pushes it’s business users towards the Power Platform, they are investing heavily in the software components that make up the platform itself. The Power Platform is defined by 3 approaches to working with data: Act (PowerApps), Automate (Flow) and Analyze (Power BI). In

How To

How To: Use Flow to back up Microsoft Forms responses in SharePoint

Microsoft Forms is a great tool to build custom forms and collect responses, but there are some key pieces of functionality that are lacking and keeping it from being fully business ready. One of those pieces of functionality that is lacking, is the fact that response details can easily be

How To

Generating PDFs from PowerApps

Ahh PDFs, the document type businesses love and developers hate…especially when the ability to create a PDF using existing data isn’t handled out of the box in PowerApps. Luckily for us, there is a neat way to get around this limitation by utilizing Flow and some basic HTML! The Scenario


Components Import Guide

What are Components? At the beginning of 2019, the PowerApps team introduced a new feature called components that allowed users to create pieces of functionality that could be packaged and duplicated across screens and even different apps. This is an experimental feature for the moment, however the capability has still been

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